Florida Planned Parenthood PAC issues initial slate of 2018 campaign endorsements

July 24, 2018

CONTACT: Kim Scott, Kimberly.Scott@ppsenfl.org, 407-433-6360

WEST PALM BEACH – Today the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC issued its first slate of endorsements for the critically important 2018 election. The PAC is committed to holding Florida’s state legislators accountable for their actions and restoring access to the reproductive health care Floridians need.

Over the past few years, a record number of anti-women’s health bills have been introduced and passed throughout the country. During Gov. Rick Scott’s tenure, numerous pieces of anti-women’s health legislation have been signed into law in Florida alone.

Every candidate receiving this endorsement is committed to supporting medically appropriate and scientifically based health care policies, and opposing legislation that puts unnecessary restrictions on women in order to limit access to safe, legal abortion and shut down health centers.

“It is vital that Floridians send leaders to Tallahassee who are prepared to defend women’s access to health care,” said Lillian Tamayo, Board Member of the PAC. “Our endorsed candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to stopping the assault on reproductive health care in our state.”

As the threat to Floridians’ abortion rights continues to grow, the importance of electing a state Governor and legislature that will protect access to reproductive health care is increasingly paramount. With the threat of an anti-choice, extremist nominee that will tip the balance of  the United States Supreme Court not only is Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in jeopardy;  the progress we have made on health care, workers’ rights, marriage equality and other personal liberty issues all hang in the balance.

“Today marks an important step toward educating Florida voters about candidates’ positions on women’s health,” said Stephanie Fraim-Kight, Board Member of the PAC. “These lawmakers earned our endorsement by proving their opposition to anti-women’s health legislation. We are proud to endorse them.”

“This November voters in Florida will send a strong message that if candidates for office do not stand with us on access to safe and legal abortion, affordable birth control, care at Planned Parenthood health centers, and health care equity, then they do not deserve to represent us,” said Stephanie.

Please find a list of candidates being endorsed by the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC on our website at http://flplannedparenthoodpac.org/. Additional endorsements will be announced in the future.