2022 Candidate Endorsements

These candidates exemplify our ongoing commitment to holding Florida’s state legislators accountable and ensuring Floridians have the access to the full range of reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion. Every candidate receiving the PAC’s endorsement strongly supports medically appropriate and scientifically based health care policies and opposes legislation that limits access to abortion or any other form of reproductive health care.

“Every one of these endorsed candidates exemplifies our firm commitment to ensuring Floridians can access the full range of reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion. The fall of Roe is an urgent reminder that, in order to stop the assault on the fundamental freedom to control our own bodies, Floridians must make their voices heard at the ballot box this fall.”

Laura Goodhue, Director of the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC


Florida Senate

Charlie Nichols Senate District 1
Carolynn Zonia Senate District 2
Loranne AusleySenate District 3
Tracie DavisSenate District 5
Joy Goff-MarcilSenate District 10
Janet CruzSenate District 14
Darryl RousonSenate District 16
Eunic OrtizSenate District 18
Linda StewartSenate District 17
Victor TorresSenate District 25
Lori BermanSenate District 26
Tina PolskySenate District 30
Shevrin JonesSenate District 34
Lauren BookSenate District 35
Raquel Pacheco Senate District 36
Jason PizzoSenate District 37
Janelle PerezSenate District 38

Florida House

Carollyn TaylorHouse District 2
Allison TantHouse District 9
Angie NixonHouse District 13
Michael AndersonHouse District 17
Yvonne HinsonHouse District 21
Linda KeroHouse District 26
John NavarraHouse District 28
Rick KarlHouse District 29
Anthony YantzHouse District 33
Carlos Guillermo SmithHouse District 37
Sarah HenryHouse District 38
Tiffany HughesHouse District 39
Travaris McCurdyHouse District 41
Anna EskamaniHouse District 42
Johanna LopezHouse District 43
Kristen ArringtonHouse District 46
Ash MarwahHouse District 52
Lindsay CrossHouse District 60
Janet VarnellHouse District 61
Michele RaynerHouse District 62
Dianne HartHouse District 63
Susan ValdesHouse District 64
Jen McDonaldHouse District 65
David TilleryHouse District 66
Fentrice DriskellHouse District 67
Lorissa WrightHouse District 68
Derek ReichHouse District 73
Mitchel SchlayerHouse District 80
Forest BlantonHouse District 84
Jervonte EdmondsHouse District 88
David SilversHouse District 89
Kelly SkidmoreHouse District 92
Christine HunschofskyHouse District 95
Dan DaleyHouse District 96
Linda Thompson GonzalezHouse District 100
Robin BartlemanHouse District 103
Felicia RobinsonHouse District 104
Marie WoodsonHouse District 105
Christopher BenjaminHouse District 107
Dotie JosephHouse District 108
Ashley GanttHouse District 109
Adam BennaHouse District 114
Christie Cantin DavisHouse District 115
Kevin ChamblissHouse District 117



Nancy L. Jacobs Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge Group 37 

Local Municipalities

Angela Eady  Kissimmee City Commission  Seat 2