In yesterday’s primaries Florida voters rejected extreme anti-abortion candidates from both parties

August 19, 2020

CONTACT: Damien Filer

TALLAHASSEE – This year the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC took the unusual step of endorsing challengers in several key primaries where incumbent House members voted to restrict abortion access in the 2020 legislative session. In yesterday’s election we saw the first examples of support for these efforts among Florida voters from both parties.

“Our PAC is determined to shift the balance of power in the Florida Legislature and end the relentless attacks on reproductive health and rights once and for all,” said Laura Goodhue, Campaign Manager of the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC. “The candidates we’ve endorsed will fight for reproductive health instead of trampling on our rights the way too many Florida politicians have been doing year after year.”

Florida voters spoke loud and clear in Duval County, District 14, by voting for Angie Nixon over the most anti-abortion Democrat in the Florida Legislature, incumbent Kimberly Daniels. In Palm Beach County, District 88, voters propelled Omari Hardy to victory over abortion opponent, incumbent Al Jacquet. And in Pensacola’s District 1, Republican incumbent Mike Hill, one of the most extreme anti-abortion legislators ever in Florida, was defeated in his primary as well.

Health care is the number one issue on voters’ minds in 2020 and we know they are highly motivated by the Planned Parenthood brand to take action. The 2018 election marked a huge victory for reproductive health and rights, with 80-percent of Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations’ endorsed candidates winning their races across the country. 

“With abortion access dwindling in the South, Florida must stand as a safe haven for people who need to access abortion,” said Goodhue. “That’s why the Planned Parenthood PAC will send two new reproductive health care champions to the Florida State Senate during this election, ensuring a reproductive rights firewall against further legislation restricting our access to abortion while also sending rising pro-reproductive rights champions like Angie Nixon and Omari Hardy to the state House.”


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