August 24, 2022 

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Florida Planned Parenthood PAC endorses Charlie Crist in gubernatorial race; congratulates endorsed candidates following Primary Election victories

Voters demonstrate their commitment to reproductive rights Tuesday at the ballot box

WEST PALM BEACH – Today, The Florida Planned Parenthood PAC is announcing our endorsement of Charlie Crist in the critical race to unseat Ron DeSantis and we’re celebrating the success of 15 out of 16 of our endorsed candidates following Tuesday’s Primary Election results.

“These candidates have made clear they will do whatever it takes to end the assault on reproductive freedom in our state,” said Laura Goodhue, Director of the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC. “Polls consistently show Floridians support access to abortion, and voters made that clear yet again by choosing these health care champions in yesterday’s primary.” 

The PAC’s candidate for Attorney General, Aramis Ayala, advanced to the General Election. Notably, anti-abortion and homophobic incumbent, James Bush III, was unseated by unapologetically pro-reproductive rights candidate Ashley Gantt. PAC-endorsed candidates won their primaries in these bell-weather races: 

  • Aramis Ayala for Attorney General 
  • Tracie Davis for SD 5
  • Shev Jones for SD 34
  • Lauren Book for SD 35 
  • Angie Nixon for HD 13
  • Sarah Henry for HD 38 
  • Rita Harris for HD 44
  • Michele Rayner for HD 62
  • Kelly Skidmore for HD 92
  • Marie Woodson for HD 105 
  • Christopher Benjamin for HD 107 
  • Jordan Leonard for HD 106 
  • Dotie Joseph for HD 108 
  • Ashley Gantt for HD 109 
  • Angela Eady for Kissimmee City Commission

Yesterday’s electoral success follows passage earlier this year of Florida’s most restrictive anti-abortion law in history – a 15-week abortion ban without exceptions for victims of rape, incest, or human trafficking. 

This year’s endorsed candidates exemplify the PAC’s ongoing commitment to holding Florida’s state legislators accountable and ensuring Floridians have the access to reproductive health care they need. Every candidate receiving the PAC’s endorsement strongly supports medically appropriate and scientifically based health care policies and opposes legislation that limits access to safe and legal abortion. A complete list of candidates endorsed by the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC can be found here.

“Now we will roll up our sleeves, put our $2 million dollar grassroots campaign into action, and help propel these candidates to victory in November,” said Goodhue. “Our boots-on-the-ground program involves direct voter contact through door-to-door

canvassing, phone banking, events, and mailings, along with digital ads to mobilize 

supporters in key districts.”

Despite the continued assault on reproductive health, polling consistently shows most Floridians support abortion rights. A poll conducted by the University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab after Florida’s abortion ban passed showed that 60-percent of registered voters in Florida oppose the ban. 

“The 2022 General Election has the potential to be an historic turning point for reproductive rights in Florida,” said Goodhue. “Floridians are outraged at having their basic freedoms stripped away by anti-abortion politicians, and the recent attacks on reproductive health have only galvanized support for our candidates.”